With the surge in popularity of Delta 8 products and the flood of new products and brands hitting the market, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to choose the best available option for you. One thing everyone should be aware of is that counterfeit, unregulated or otherwise low quality delta 8 products are very real and they have crept into the marketplace. These products should always be avoided as they have been manufactured without regulation or testing, leaving you with inconsistent, ineffective, low quality and potentially dangerous products. One common practice for these counterfeit fly by night companies, is to buy bulk candies such as peach rings etc and then using a spray gun, spray them with concentrated Delta 8 isolate or distillate. Obviously this is not good practice and produces an extremely inconsistent potency of product impossible to properly dose.

The good news is there are several easy things to look out for when purchasing Delta 8 or other hemp products that will drastically lower your chances of ending up with counterfeit or low quality products.

  1. Testing – Any reputable company selling quality Delta 8 or other Hemp derived products should have testing results commonly referred to as COA’s readily available on their website for you to view the exact potency and quality of each of their products. See the Testing page for Royally Grown product COA’s
  2. Sourcing & Ingredients – Another good indicator of the quality of a product is to see where and how they source their oils and other ingredients. Many companies purchase their hemp or their Cannabinoid oils from wholesalers or other suppliers and often it is hard for even the company to know where and how their distillates and isolates are produced. This is one thing we take great pride in at Royally Grown as we grow all of our own hemp and handle the entire extraction and manufacturing process in house we never have to question the quality of any ingredient that goes into our product. The other thing to look out for on this note is ingredients its always a good idea to just give a quick check over the ingredients to be safe. For instance if you’re buying a vape product you should avoid products that may have cutting agents such as MCT or Vitamin E oils which can be very dangerous to consume in that form. The fewer ingredients the better.
  3. Packaging & Literature – While this won’t be adequate proof of a quality product on its own, paying attention to the look and feel of the product / companies literature and packaging is a great way to start your evaluation process. Does the packaging of the product look and feel professional? Does the text and information on the packaging and literature make sense and match the product it is selling? for instance sometimes you will see packaging that looks great but upon closer examination in the text, for lets say a bag of D8 gummies it might say somewhere on the bag something that clearly relates to a vape device (ie Inhale for 5 seconds, or 1 gram cartridge) or something along those lines. Essentially just use common sense when checking out a new product, if you see something that appears to be legit but has misspellings on its labeling or misinformation, blatant typos or is clearly trying to copy the look and feel of a larger more well known company in its branding then it may be a good idea to search for a different option.

Naturally we would love for you to always choose Royally Grown products for all of your hemp needs, more importantly however, we want you to be safe and experience the real benefits and effects of D8 and hemp products. Hopefully these tips prove helpful in your search for a high quality, safe and effective product.